Friday, February 06, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

Japhy and Me

Japhy is a mutt. He is part Rottie, Lab, and Shepherd. Japhy is old, 12yo and he thinks he is human. He belongs to Steve, Rob's brother, and he is a dearly beloved dog. Everyone who meets Japhy loves Japhy. No doubt about it. I've been hanging out with this old pal, but I've never had any photos taken with him, so I made mum take these pics of him.

As you can probably tell, Japhy loves to smile. Like I said, he thinks he's human.
Japhy and a lot of human folks came over to our house for Superbowl Sunday. Everyone kinda lazed around, eating lots of goodies all day, and just watched tv. Japhy and I each had a marrow bone to chew on, but Japhy loved my buffalo bone A LOT.

When this photo was taken, I was just handstripped through phase 2. Japhy and I were taking a pee break out in our yard.

Japhy sat on the sofa like the rest of the humans, and I got to lounge on the mattress on the floor.

I was trying to squeeze my butt on the sofa too, just like everybody else. I'm sure there was space for me.

Phase 2 of handstripping.
The saddle is gone, butt, upper thighs, tail, back of neck, and top of shoulders.



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