Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year (before I forget)

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wan Shi Ru Yi, Xing Nian Quai Le
Happy Chinese New Year! Today is the 6th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, and I decided to write an entry for my blog before it is all over. This is the year of the Ox.

Mum decided that I would pose for a pic with the Figure depicting the Deity of Fortune. I wasn't so pleased, but since she had a treat, I posed with the paper dude.

If you ask me, CNY wasn't much different from any other day. I got to lounge around, chew on my buffalo bone, relax, get pampered, play, eat, sleep, poop, mark, bark a little, run around, so I didn't know what the fuss was about. Mum said, back home in Singapore, it'd be way more fun, with family and friends visiting each other with lots of goodies, treats, food, tarts, fruits, all kinds of stuff. But here in the US, we didn't have anybody, so it was a quiet CNY.

Lounging as usual in my room (uhum! Mum's room)
Note also how my coat has become so woolly and untidy. This is before I get handstripped again.

Then Mum decided that since the sun was shining, and it was CNY, we'd go to the beach to celebrate.
My ball, I was trying to fetch my ball in the water, but each time I pawed at it, it got a little deeper. Mum was getting frantic because she didn't want to get into the freezing water, and she kept urging me to bring it back. I was trying very hard as you can tell. (Remember, I don't know how to swim)
Hanging out with Rob on CNY

If you're wondering about my tail, and how it got so thin, don't be alarmed. I just got handstripped, so my saddle and tail are now naked and bare.

Mum and I at the pier

Then I met this dude, who was catching crabs in a pot. Poor fella, he caught only 1 tiny miserable crab, but it was interesting enough for me. I had never seen one so close. He even let me sniff at it. He said, "Careful, you don't want your nose pinched". So I crept close and stuck my nose at it carefully. Thank goodness nothing happened.

Little crab scuttling around

This is a recent picture of me at my house. I wanted to show you what happened to my coat. The coat on the saddle and tail are gone. Mum's started handstripping me again, and I look like I've got mange or some bizarre skin disease. That's why I have to wear my coat out nowadays, so I don't weird people out. It's also to keep me warm since its still pretty cold out and I'm naked!

I really don't mind being handstripped. If you ask me, what it feels like, I'll say it looks like Mum's plucking out chicken feathers from a chicken. It doesn't hurt as long as she doesn't pull too much out at a time. I can fall asleep to the rhythm, and it lulls me off to dreamland.



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