Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Camp Alice

For those of you have missed me in the last 2 months, don't worry. I've been enjoying the fun life at Camp Alice, with my Nanny Lydia in Seattle. When Mum was away at Burning Man, Daddy was home with me, and now they've both gone to Singapore for a holiday, I get to come and spend fun days with Dave and Nanny.

Here are some pics of my fun adventures.

Hi everyone.. I'm playing in the pool with Dave. Its a good way to cool down and splash around. I love trying to collect toys that are floating in the water. This is fun.

Mum tells me she is missing me a lot, a lot. Although she is far away in Singapore, she is thinking of me every day and every night. Only 2 more weeks, and I'll get to see Mummy again. Daddy is coming home next Tues and he's going to fetch me home. In the meantime, I'm not really missing my parents too much. I love playing with Dave and having Cedar here as playmates. Nanny Lydia lets me play all day in the garden, and I have so many toys to keep me busy. I'm not really missing Mum and Dad at all.



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