Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Visiting Sophie

I had the wonderful experience of visiting Sophie, my new favorite girlfriend. We hang out like carrots and peas. Sophie, and her parents live in Seattle, about 30 mins drive away from our home. She lives opposite a huge park and they go there very often.
When I saw Sophie, my butt shaked and twisted non stop. But Mum told me to "sit" in front of the door and wait till she got in. Then she said "free" and I was allowed in, but that few seconds felt like forever. I just wanted to play. Sophie has a cat in her house, and I was so curious about her. I wanted to chase the cat, but it kept staring at me with those huge eyes, it was a bit scary so I just turned around and ran away, like a cowardy cat. How ironic!
With Sophie's cat, Leila. Leila would not play with me, no matter how I playbowed, and she wouldn't let me smell her butt either. Sophie told me Leila doesn't like dogs.
Sophie showed me her house, and her crate, and her play things. She showed me around the patio and the living room, and where to get a drink. We had tonnes of play fighting time until it was time to go to the park together.

We play rough sometimes. Baring teeth and growling is all part of the fun, we even nibble and bite each other, but we know when too rough means no more playing. Mum calls this bite inhibition, and we can only learn this from our doggie friends, by playing with one another. Play is a very important part of my mental, and social development.

Sophie in mid flight, doing the Kung Fu movement "Crouching Tiger, Jumping Airedale"


Me and Sophie, chilling out on rocks

Me, cooling down with the big boys in Lake Washington
Standing on a rock in the lake

I never miss the opportunity to dip in the lake and steal someone else's ball.
Sophie gives me a kiss after my swim


At 10:01 AM, Blogger raecatherine said...

Kimi makes a very handsome water dog! Sophie can't wait for the next Kimi playdate.


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