Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend Backpacking in Lake Chelan

For my very first Memorial Day weekend, my parents brought me to Lake Chelan, for a 3 day, 17.5 mile backpacking trip. Since I was still too young, they didn't let me carry my doggie backpack, but Mum says as soon as I am of the right size, she'll let me carry my own pack. Well, everyone had a pack, so why not me right? So Friday afternoon, Mum, Dad and me set off for our 4 hour car journey to Chelan. We joined Dad's colleague Lisa, her husband Todd and their son Zach and our first night was car camping in the 25 mile State park in Chelan. We set up our tent, and my parents got us some firewood to start the camp fire. The weather was awfully cold and wet, and boy, I was hoping the drizzle would stop, otherwise our weekend would be quite awful, to say the least.
Sitting at the nice warm campfire
Location: LakeShore Trail, Lake Chelan, WA
Distance: 17.5 mile
Time Needed: 3 days
Elevation Gain: abt 3500 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Camping Food for a RawFed Dog
Friday Dinner: Packed frozen Raw Meaty Bone Meal (cooler box in car)
Saturday Breakfast: Packed frozen Raw Meaty Bone Meal (cooler box in car)
Saturday Dinner: 1 packet of Vacuum sealed frozen raw chicken pieces
Sunday Breakfast: 1 packet of Vacuum sealed frozen raw chicken pieces
Sunday Dinner: 2 packets of Vacuum sealed frozen raw chicken pieces
Monday Breakfast: 2 Freeze Dried Beef patties, 4 large pieces of Buffalo jerky
Monday Dinner: Half a chicken (at home finally)
The Lady of the Lake II took us from Fields Point Landing to Prince Creek via a 2 hour journey by boat. It was my very first boat ride, and I fared really well.
Resting on the Trail
We arrived at our first campsite in Cascade Creek after 7 miles of hiking through coastal terrain, and passing several creeks and rushing streams. We had to climb and walk over some logs and bridges, and the Cascade Creek was the most challenging. The weather thus far was overcast and drizzling slightly, but my parents didn't seem to mind because the light sprinkle of rain was just what we needed to cool us off.

At the campsite, we met a grumpy couple that wanted to horde the entire campsite to themselves, including the table and communal fireplace. That wasn't alright by my folks, this isn't good trail and camping etiquette, but soon after we pitched our tents, they started packing up their stuff and left. We were so happy, Mum almost jumped for joy. We met some other really fine campers, and I met their dogs, Shadow, Molly and Marley (all Retrievers). Fortunately, I got along well with all of them, Marley was the other male, and being the elder male dog (3yo), I submitted to him and let him be the dog boss around camp. That meant that he was on duty to make sure there weren't any bad people or creatures coming around our camp. He barked at strange things. I sure felt safe with Marley around.

Dad getting dinner ready at our Cascade Creek Campsite

Mum started collecting firewood and logs, so I decided to help her out. I was quite good at carrying sticks around. This was really fun. We set up a nice cosy fire and the weather cleared up nicely, we even saw stars in the midnight blue skies.

The water in the lake was crystal blue and clear, it was very cold so I didn't swim, but I did dip my feet into the water and drank gulps of it. I loved to run along the shores and tread over the rocks.

Standing on a piece of large driftwood on the lake

By dusk, I got really curious about these large pieces of driftwood floating around in the lake. They moved very slowly, and I thought "What the??" I started growling and barking at it, but nothing happened. Mum didn't fuss either, so I lost interest and just went about enjoying camplife.

The views on the lakeshore trail make the trekking worth it. We hiked on the Eastern shore of the lake, overlooking craggy peaks and meadows on the western shore, on the other side of the lake. Day two was another 7 miles to Flick Creek campsite. This time, we hiked through some meadows and forest terrain, as well as climbing over several switchbacks, which were terribly tiring.

With mum and Zach. I'm eyeing Zach's plastic bag of trail mix, hoping he'd give me some, but Mum said, none for Kimi. I was supposed to wait for my own supply of treats.

Although there was a warning given that there were rattlesnakes on the trail, there were many many groups of people hiking during this weekend. So I think the snakes were all scared off by the hikers' footsteps and noisy chattering. The good thing about this is I get to hike offleash. On the first day, Mum put me on leash, to hike right behind her, so that I got into the rythm and also understood that she was Alpha, and she was the pace setter and I should follow her always. This kinda worked because I followed closely by her and never lagged behind or ran too far ahead. By the 2nd day, my parents felt that I was learning fast enough, to learn how to walk in a pack. I walked behind Mum (pack leader) and Dad walked behind me, to make sure I was ok and maintaining a steady pace.

We arrived at our 2nd campsite on Sunday evening after another 7 mile hike up and down the mountain side. Flick Creek was even more beautiful than Cascade Creek. It was slightly off the main trail and Mum was thankful she didn't have to hike too far to get to the campsite from the main trail. She was tired, and so was everyone. While the adults set up camp and prepared dinner, Zach and I chilled out playing with sticks at the deck.

Zach and me

Dad playing with me on the deck after a full day of hiking. He really is a great Daddy and pack leader, he's always so strong, calm and assertive. He never raises his voice, never reacts in an unbalanced way. Mum is the same, but dad is much stronger physically. So while Mum sits and gets trigger happy, Dad runs with me and plays.
You know when I am really tired, I just get so mellow and calm.
Pooped out on the rocks by the lakeshore, enjoying the breeze on my nose

Sitting in the evening sunlight at Flick Creek deck

Drinking lake water

With Mum at Flick Creek

Enjoing a moment with Mum by the lake

The view from our campsite

On Monday, the 3rd day, we hiked to our final destination - Stehekin. Stehekin was only 3.5 miles away so we leisurely trekked through forest trails after setting off at 10am from Flick Creek. Every now and then, the trail would bring us to outcrops and bluffs to allow us to soak in the views. It was truly rewarding to hike all that way, and the Lakeshore trail reminded us of it. Our ferry ride was at 2pm, and we were scheduled to sign in at 1.30pm. Mum and Dad were hiking toward a huge reward, Hamburgers. They had heard that they served the best Hamburgers and just wanted to treat themselves to delicious hamburgers and soda.

Pooped out Mum and me on the ferry ride home

By the time we drove home, it was 9pm. Mum gave me a shower and a quick dry and I fell into deep sleep. Everyone was tired but it was such a wonderful weekend. Today, my whole body aches and my muscles are sore. I know because I'm moving slowly and limping slightly because my muscles are so sore. Dad and Mum said its time for me to rest and recuperate over the next few days. No more playing and rough housing. Oh boy, I sure want to rest and do nothing else.


At 7:07 AM, Blogger kelly said...

wow...you guys had a heck of a weekend! such beautiful land.
we just have corn fields in indiana! our girl will be coming home in about 5 weeks...oh the

At 3:20 PM, Blogger Bogart said...

Looks like you had a great time Kimi!!!



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