Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Poop Update (Explicit Photos)

Warning!! Explicit Nauseating Photos Ahead!!
Recently, while Stella stayed with us, Mum decided to take some photos of our poop, to demonstrate the difference between kibble fed dog poop and raw fed dog poop. This is a very good opportunity to do so, mum said, since Stella is kibble fed and she stayed with us, why miss the chance? Dad thought it was hilarious and crazy, but mum thought why not? Its time for a poop update in my blog anyway.
Remember that Stella and I are littermates, our age is exactly the same, and since she stayed with us, we ate at the same time, and our activities were the same too. So we pooped at the same time as well.

Stella's poop is chunkier, more mass, soft, mushy and stinky. The amount was actually double this photo because shortly after this shot, she pooped again, about the same amount as this photo.

At the same time, I pooped too, but much lesser in substance, volume, and my poop turns stone hard, with very little odour to no odour. This is the regular amount per poop. Sometimes, slightly more. Mum likes my poop because it is extremely easy to clean up. No mess.

One interesting note about Raw fed dog poop is that it slowly turns white, as you can see from the above photo; and the poop becomes harder and some even turn chalky and crumbly. If left out in the sun longer, the white poop eventually disintegrates and "goes back into nature" (whatever that means). There is no odour or bad smell with this type of hard stone-like poop. Mum thinks this is the best quality poop around because of the high quality food I eat.

This is a photo of the later stage of poop that turned completely white. It is quite amazing to witness the transformation. It is hard to the touch, and will crumble into powder if you press it hard. 'Easy to clean up' poop was one of the very first reasons why Mum wanted to switch me to raw, plus raw food is really good and healthy for me.
Hope you liked the pictures of poop... he he he


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