Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lucerne Light Cream Cheese

I've developed a healthy taste for cream cheese, not just any cream cheese, high quality Lucerne Light Cream Cheese. Just the other day, Mum and Dad were having a tea time snack of bagels and cream cheese, and because Dad was sick, he went to bed to rest. Mum, on the other hand, got distracted by something she needed to do on the computer, leaving me alone in the dining room with the open 12oz container with the delectable cheese. Who could resist? Me?

I was overwhelmingly tempted by the sweet fragrance of the cream cheese, and as hard as I tried to resist, I gave up and plunged into awful sinful delight. I leapt up and caught the container with my front teeth, and took it down to slowly and sinfully enjoy my treasured find. I savoured every inch of the delicious taste of cream cheese, and before long, it was ALL gone. Not a trace was left. Well... except for the wetness on my beard.
I went to look for mum, and there she was at her computer, oblivious to what I'd just indulged in. When she returned to the dining table to finish her bagel, she was aghast to find the cream cheese all gone. She did find the empty container though... She yelped at the top of her lungs,
and ran to Dad to report what I had just done.

Teary eyed, she complained to Dad that I had stolen all of her cream cheese, but I felt no guilt. Dad and Mum didn't find fault with me, because as Dad analysed it, it was Mum who had forgotten to cover it up, or remember that I've grown many inches taller. This will teach them to secure the delicious food properly before leaving an Airedale alone with the food. Ahhh but not to worry... I'm sure there'll be another opportunity for me to pull a stunt like that again...


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