Sunday, May 07, 2006

My First Visit Downtown

I've heard a lot about Downtown Seattle, the Space Needle, and places like Pike's Place Market. For the first time in my life, my parents brought me Downtown when I turned 22 weeks old. Time for an eye opener, they say. I saw many crowds of people, all kinds of people, heard different sounds and smelled all sorts of new things. It was a sensory delight for me, being in a totally new place with a new vibe, but I held my airedale tail up high, never flinched and trusted my parents completely. I had a ball.

Sitting near the famous Space Needle in Seattle

Me and Mum (with her new short hairdo)

Juan, our vegan friend, isn't my favorite vegan for nothing, he stops to let me smell the flowers that we just bought.

Our Family Photo

Juan brings Dad, Bernard (rightmost), Mum and I to a wall of bubble gum. Hmmm.. intrigueing.

Shopping underground at Pikes Place Market, at a magic shop.

Mum, you sure this creature isn't going to 'eatses' me up?

Yoda and the Star Wars crew will protect me

Ummmm... Mum, I'm not sure about this man.

Ok, I'll pose with him, but only because you say so.

Waiting at the store while they shop


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