Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Busy Busy Bee

This past week has been crazy. Mum, Dad and I have been getting excited and ready for the new house. There has been so much to do, and finally last Thursday, we got the keys to our brand new house in the MountainAire. Of course, I had to assist mum and dad in surveying the new house, making sure every nook and cranny meets our expectations. Kimi checks out the bath while Daddy checks out the nice new blinds in the masterbath
"Hmm..what do we have here? A nice new air vent in the guest room"
Yup, the kitchen is up to Kimi's expectations..
Kimi watches Daddy test the stove cooktops
Kimi walks through every single room in the house, including the guests toilets and makes himself very comfortable
"Ha, who left the scotch tape on the floor? Nice to chew on.."

With Mummy Sheila in front of our new fireplace

While Mum and Dad had to slog away the weekend prepping the house to be painted and then spending all 2 days painting the bedrooms, I was crated and occassionally let out to pee and poop. I behaved myself most of the time, but you must imagine it is very boring for me even with toys and chewies, a young 18 week old pup to stay in my crate for most of the weekend while they were busy painting. But I tried my best to be good, and mum and dad let me out to play in the new backyard every few hours. Of course, I had to dig and stake out my land by making sure the there were holes here and there. But mum and dad didn't seem to mind so much. There goes the new landscaping.


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