Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Stealing Treats Again

Ever since I turned 15 weeks old, which was about a week ago, I've discovered a new talent I have for stealing treats. Well, I stole treats even was I was little, but now I'm reaching for new heights. (Literally). I'm taller and there are some places which used to bewilder me, but no more. The clothes cabinet in mum and dad's bedroom are low and they keep dried beef liver treats there. I absolutely love them. Well, they are mostly out of my reach except for yesterday, when I leapt up to try to reach it.
My parents have been spending the weekend days packing and throwing out stuff, and putting aside stuff to donate to charities. See, I'm so bored when they tie me in a corner so that I can watch them pack our things into boxes for our upcoming move to the new house.


At 3:29 PM, Blogger blueadt said...

I love your 'lazy sit'. I do them to but Annie sits upright. I sit upright & then slouch to one side.




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