Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ear Glueing for the First Time

Today, something very special happened to me. Early in the morning, mum fed me my breakfast, and before she even showered or brushed her teeth, she started taking out all the usual items used for grooming. But wait, hey, I'm still tidy and good looking... what's up? You can imagine my apprehension, check out my face in the before picture on the left. The right picture is after the grooming is almost done.

She put me on my "Climb" platform, which is actually an IKEA side table. This is normally my training table, where I practice my obedience commands, you know, so I was really confused.

Next thing I know, mum whips out the blue buzzer and hands me a treat. Ok, I know the drill, she's going to clipper me just like what we did the first time she groomed me. So ok, I stay still and cooperate. Mum says I'm a very good boy when she grooms me. Two hours later, and a few potty breaks, check out the new me. And the fur...

Then, that's not the end, Mum whips me into the car and we drive off to Aunty Lydia's place. We went there for a party some weeks back, and I met Stella and Alice. As you can remember, Stella is my littermate.

I found out from mum, Aunt Lydia has been so gracious to agree to glue my ears for the very first time. The glue will help my ear leather fit into the desired look and will make me more handsome than I already am. Well, ok mum, if you say so. Stella had just had her ears glued too. Stella said its a very scary thing to have ears glued, but when Aunt Lydia took those treats out, all my fears flew out of my head. I just let her fondle and grope at my ears as much as she liked. Mum just stood by and watched, and said really sweet things to me. It wasn't that bad at all. But do I really have to wear that PINK doctors bandwrap? I look so girly. And I couldn't see a thing because the wrap was covering my eyes.

This is the end result after glueing. I think we look good. I've got much bigger ear flaps than Stella.

Alice comes by to say hi.

The best part about coming to Aunt Lydia's house is we get loads of treats. Check out Stella helping herself to Aunty Lydia's treat bag.

Another best part about coming to Aunty Lydia's house is Alice has tonnes of toys. Her house is doggie heaven. We get to run and tumble and play all the time. Its wonderful.


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