Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tracker Digger

I love to romp in open plains and run in mud, and make my whole snout and beard muddy. I imagine I am a treasure hunter, digging through the earth for some precious find, such as a long forsaken bone. I track through the fields pretending to be an adventuror like Indiana Jones and the Muddy Crusade. I play pretend when there isn't any doggie friend around to play with. And it isn't bad at all. Getting my paws dirty is one of my favorite things to do.
Suddenly, mum exclaimed, "Alamak! How come there's broken glass on the floor? Which inconsiderate person left it here? So dangerous." Being mummy's helper, of course I had to come and investigate. But mum kept shoving me away "shoo, shoo" because she said I might get cut. But I wouldn't go away so I just stood there and watched her pick all the glass shards up and throw them away. Indeed, how could people not have any sense of civic consciousness? How thoughtless some people are.. tsk tsk...
After the glass fiasco, I continued to romp and play in the open fields behind our house. The sunshine was glorious, and thank goodness for bad irrigation.
Somehow, I always find myself being the only dog there. Where have all the doggies gone? I hear that there is a dog park in the neighbourhood, but Mum never ever brings me there. Why not? I ask. She says I'm not old enough yet, I have to be 16 weeks old to be allowed in there. Who made this stupid rule anyway? I'm a big boy, and I can stand my ground. But mum said this was for health reasons. Although I am brought up the holistic way, I still need some puppy shots and because some people are concerned about sharing things called viruses, everyone's extremely cautious. Fortunately for me, mum believes that some amount of risk needs to be taken so that I can be properly socialized. Besides, how boring can it get to keep me cooped up in the house all day long for 2 months? No way jose. I'd tear up the house and give mum no peace. I love the fresh air out here, I love the wind and the breeze and even the rain too.
The most important thing to make sure is that I don't get too frivolous and think all dog friends are safe. That's not true, but Washington is a fairly safe place, and most humans are educated about dog health here. It is a very doggie friendly state. I like it here.

The end.


At 10:40 AM, Blogger g33781 said...

kimi, as all airedales are, will be full of fun, love and mischief up to age 7.
kimi will be a full blown clown as maturity sets in after age 7.
highly sensitive and responsive to peoples voices and moods, will second guess your thoughts.
in short, you just invited into your family a loving, friendly and long time buddy.
for safety's sake, kindly remove her leash from the collar when loose, indoors or outdoors.


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