Monday, February 27, 2006

Sunday - 13 Weeks Old

I spent my 13th Week birthday in the hills of nearby mountains. Dad, Mum, Juan and I spent the morning hiking up the John Wayne Trail. It was cold and there was snow everywhere. It didn't snow but the sky was overcast and grey. It wasn't the best weather from heaven, but Mum said at least it wasn't raining.
Location: Mt Baker-Snoqualmie Forest, John Wayne Trail
Distance: 4 miles up, 4 miles down
Elevation Gain: Not sure
Age: 13 Weeks
This is my family portrait.

The best part about going on these remote hikes is I can go offleash. I stay close to my pack because this is what dogs do. Juan, Dad and Mum don't wait around for me, they just walk straight ahead. If I trail behind, I look up for them and run quickly to catch up, but that's ok, because I got my fair share of sniffs and exploration time.
This is a crazy picture of me, after running, my ears are flapped backwards and I brought with me this really nice branch to chew on. But my parents didn't have the courtesy to flap my ears back to place before taking this picture. They think its really funny. I like picking up sticks and branches to carry along.
Mum and me.
Here, we've arrived at an old deserted train station called Ragnar. Can you see Dad and Juan in the background?
When we reached the 4 mile mark, mum was already getting back aches that weren't funny. That's what mum said. It was also there that dad thought it was time to turn back. By that time, we had already hiked for 2 hours non stop and mum was taking strain. She was also concerned about me getting tired, but I was still prancing around and picking up sticks. I wasn't tired, and Dad said I was fine.
We found a frozen stream and it was rock solid, so I skated on ice like how the stars do on TV, Skating with Celebrities. I skidded around, I even fell down once but that didn't deter me from skating and running on ice. That was really interesting.


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