Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Digging in the Dusk

Monday, 13th Feb 2006, I discover the true essense of being an Airedale Terror, uhum, pardon me, Terrier. YES, I learn how to DIG.
Mum took me to the open space in our neighbourhood in the evening, as the sun was setting, everything was golden and beautiful. She says this is called dusk. It is very lovely in the highlands when it is dusk. The best time for digging I must add.
Don't I look cute in the sunset?
Here, I find endless mud pits where I can dig to my hearts content. Mum stands at the side to watch how I begin to put my feet into the ground, and start learning how to dig. Before long, I thrive and dig and dig till my nose gets brown, dirty, wet and muddy and mud flies all over the place. I don't stop, I keep probing, digging, searching, searching for what, I don't know, but deep inside my veins, adrenaline rushes through, as I probe deeper into the unknown, searching for something I think I lost..

Hey, this digging business is too much fun!! he he he

Hope you enjoyed my pictures. Digging is fun, and I hope mum takes me to the digging pits to dig much more. I sure "dig" it.


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