Monday, February 13, 2006

11 Weeks Old - My First Grooming

On Sunday, Feb 12th 2006, I turn 11 weeks old. Mum decided that it was time for me to have a trim, no more puppy look she says. Its starting to get on her nerves because I look so messy and unkempt. And that's no way to look good for an extraordinary Airedale like me.
She took me out to pee and to play with the stick I picked up during the Rattlesnake Ledge hike the previous day. Then she took out this blue buzzing thing called the clipper and she showed it to me. I didn't know what it was, I've never ever seen or heard anything like it. She laid it close to my body and I was shocked. I squirmed around, but mum distracted me with a treat. I thought, ok not too bad, if I just let her put that blue buzzer next to my body, I get to feel this funny sensation and I get to eat treats. This is a good deal. So I just stood still, and got treats while mum starting buzzing me.
These are the before grooming pictures. Note how messy I look.

While mum was grooming me, dad was fast asleep on the couch watching the Olympics. He got sick with mum's flu, and was supposed to help hold me while mum groomed. But seeing that dad was asleep, I did my part and co-operated with mum by standing as still as I could, and as being as good as I could. I didn't bite the blue buzzer although I was very tempted to. When I got tired, I sat down, when mum told me to stand up, I stood up. Mum didn't even need to tie me on a leash or put me on a grooming table. We don't have one yet. She just told me to stay still and held me with one hand on my neck when I squirmed and she buzzed me with her other hand. I think I deserved more treats for being so good.

Here are the during grooming pictures.

I look funny because the body is almost done, but the head isn't done yet. Mum decided to start on my back, and down the sides, and then the front on my chest and then my tooshie. The head was last because she wanted me to get used to the sensation of the buzzer first.

Halfway point, mum took me out for a short break. My head and face is still not done yet, but the body is mostly done.

All in all, I'd say my first grooming experience wasn't bad. I wouldn't say I liked it, but I can certainly get used to it. I got treats and that was nice, and dad and mum can't get over how handsome I now look, so that must be good too. I kept my tail high and wagged it for the whole world to see how proud I was of my new look. At first I was apprehensive, but then I really like how I look now. Life is about evolution and change after all. Dad couldn't believe that I was so well behaved during the grooming. Mum was a bit nervous about how I would turn out, because this is her first time grooming the airedale cut. She says its not the best yet, but we'll get better with more practice.

Here are the after grooming pictures. Everything is now completed. Dad and Mum took me on a nice long walk after the grooming to reward me for being so good.

Walking offleash in an open field near the woods in my neighbourhood, showing off my new look.

Zooming by in a closed road in my neighbourhood

Dad loves how I look.


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