Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Superbowl Weekend - Seeing Double

Sunday was superbowl day. Dad invited a horde of his friends to come over for chips, beer and football. We were rooting for the Seattle Seahawks, because we live in Seattle, but they lost at the end, what a bummer!! While the humans were having their fun, I was also having fun with not one, but 2 mini humans.
James and Louie played tug of war with me. We also played chase. They are two little boisterous boys and they were so fun to play with. They look exactly the same. Mum says they are called twins. Well, I was pretty confused but they took turns to tire me out, so I had a really good sleep that night.
Mum thinks its good that I mix around with these mini humans, and meet all kinds of new friends every day.
She talks me on walks in the neighbourhood where there are all sorts of strange people building new houses. They are different colored people, some fat, some thin, some hairy and some not. They wear strange bright clothes and smell funny. They look gruffy and the way they walk and do things are unusual too. They have all these huge machine toys that go "bang bang bang" or "grrr, grrr, grrr" or "boom boom boom", very interesting indeed.
I sniff the air, I look around, I taste the grass, I lick the ground, and I touch these strange people and I love to observe what's going on around me. I am never afraid because mum is near me, and she always carries around the treat bag, and every now and then, she pops one out for me and says "let's go" and then I follow her.


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