Friday, February 03, 2006

Milestone - Stairs

A few days ago, mum started teaching me how to climb up stairs. I stumble my way up, step by step, but I made it. When it came to coming down the stairs however, that was a different story. No matter how much she coaxed me, and lured me, I just sat with my tooshie firmly on the ground. I wouldn't budge. No way Hose! Its too high and too difficult. I tried putting my front feet on the lower step, but I couldn't move. So I gave up.
Today, I reached a milestone in my development. Not only am I able to climb up the stairs, I can climb down too. I'm still scared but I take one step at a time. Dad thinks I'm just impressive. Here are some pics of me coming down the stairs. I may look a bit frightened but that's just to make mum dote on me a little more. Actually I was not scared at all... (right)....

A good friend of Dad and Mum came over to my house to visit me, and to give me some love. His name is Juan, I like him very much, because he's vegan and he smells like garlic sometimes, and that's the smell of my treat. He's so nice to me.
So this week has been mostly wet and gloomy. I didn't get to go out too much, and if we did, mum didn't bring her camera. She said the gloomy skies and rain drops make terrible photos, and we can't play too much on the grass because its all sloppy and wet. Yucks.

In this photo, I am at home, chilling out with mum and my booda rope. I like to chew on it, but mum is trying to make me chase it and bring it back to her. I'm tired. So I'd rather just look cute.


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