Thursday, February 09, 2006

Enjoying a Larger Piece of Life

Since I'm now a bigger boy, I've been having a much better appetite. Life is good, and I love enjoying a bigger piece of life. Literally. I'm having chicken quarters at one sitting. Mum didn't think I could eat so much, but I sure could. After one quarter, sometimes I yearn for a bit more food, and mum fixes me yoghurt with kelp. She says there are germs in there that are good for my tummy. Okay....... If you say so mum. From the photos, you can see how big I've grown. My face is getting more elongated, and I'm taller and bigger too.

I've been practicing how to use my front paws to hold down the big chunk of food while I use my front teeth to rip and tear the meat off the bones. Its much easier this way, rather than flinging my entire head one side to another to get the meat loose off the bones. Gives me a headache too. Using the front paws just came naturally to me, don't ask me how I knew how to do it, no one taught me. I'm a genius.
The weather has been simply fantastic. The skies have cleared up, there is azure blue up above, the birds are chirping, not a single cloud in the sky, the sun is shining and the winds have stopped blowing. Mum took me on a little drive and we got to a place called Rattlesnake Lake. It was so beautiful. It is the most beautiful place I've ever seen in my entire life.
Mum said, "oh this is nothing". When I grow bigger, she'll take me to even MORE beautiful places where I can enjoy the big blue skies and breathe the nice clean fresh air, and roll and toss in the green green grass.
In this picture, you can see Mt Si in the distant background. Mt Si is the place where the old TV show "Twin Peaks" was filmed years ago. Mum and Dad have climbed Mt Si several times, but they say its not exceptionally beautiful and the view isn't that rewarding. There are much better places to hike elsewhere.
I find it easy to walk on the Rattlesnake trail because the road is nicely paved and there is hardly a soul anywhere. I came across 1 man, 2 jogging women, and a mother with her 2 children. It is very peaceful and tranquil walking along the side of the lake and listening to the waves lap onto the edge where land and water meet.
I even got to see geese for the very first time. At first I heard them quacking, I got a bit nervous and I put my tail between my legs. Mum told me there wasn't anything to be scared of, and she offered me a treat, so I sat down next to her, and we watched the world go by and the geese swim in the lake by past us. They look small in the photo, but I reckon they are as big as me.


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