Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Monday Feb 6th - Meeting a New Friend

When I romp in my surrounding lands, playing king of the world as usual, I get to walk on different kinds of terrain, rocky, sandy, muddy, grassy, and I get to taste all kinds of dried grass and stones and things. I like to drag around branches, twigs and straw and rearrange them, I don't really know why, but its fun to drag things around.
So anyway, on Monday, I got to meet a new friend. Her name is Nellie and she's a golden retriever. She had a green tennis ball in her mouth, and it looked like great fun to play, so I chased her for the ball.
Nellie is a nice pal, she is 5 years old and much bigger than me, but she was very friendly to me and we played chase for quite a long time. The fields were muddy but that didn't stop us. See, she guards her ball very well, and I have to sneak up on her to try to steal the ball away so she can chase me.
Here, I am chasing Nellie while she has her ball in her mouth. I hope to meet her again some day, but I think we will because she lives in the same neighbourhood as I do. I had so much fun.
Little did I realize that when I got home, mum would give me a shower again. And then she used the super hair dryer and I was dry again after 5 minutes. I used to be very scared of the special dryer because the noise was so loud and the air came out so quickly, but when mum says I must have it, then I don't have much choice to say no.


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