Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Monitoring the New House

An extraordinary airedale like me does more than lay around on my bed, chewing nice stuffed toys and playing ball. I've got to do serious work to earn my keep, like making sure there aren't any holes or improper building works going on in our new house.

This is dad's new study. There is still quite a lot more work to be done, so I don't think we can move in by March. What the builders say becomes a bit too optimistic in my honest opinion.
This is mum and me in our neighbourhood. After we visited the new house, we went to the park again. Tiger mountain is in the background, and Squak mountain is next to it. The day turned grey, cold and chilly very quickly here in Seattle, and its so different from California where I was born. But I'm getting more used to the cold now. Mum says I am now 10 weeks old, but boy, am I getting heavy or what?! I am already more than 10 pounds heavy.


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