Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Someone turned on the Sunshine

These last couple of days, someone decided to turn on the switch for sunshine. Oh, its been glorious. I've been taking nice long walks and I even got to go off leash at huge open parks in the neighbourhood. Its good for an airedale like me to get some good sunshine, and also run run run.

My favourite part about sunny weekends is dad comes along. I love my dad and every time I see him, I wag my tail till its almost ready to come off. I'm learning to walk nicely on the leash now and daddy walks nicely with me. He's a natural, but I'm still learning to follow him properly. It takes a lot of practice to make perfect. Here dad walks with me on leash.

We're fortunate to live where we live, because there are huge wide open spaces and I get to see the mountains all around me. This is good because I get to go offleash and there is hardly another soul, human or dog nearby. We live in the highlands, and sometimes we get snow in winter too. There are strong winds very often, and they make my ears go flap flap flap. I know I look silly, but an airedale needs to make some sacrifices to make the humans laugh sometimes. Its hard being so wonderful like me.

Its been two weeks since I got to Seattle, and I'm loving it. I get excited about life in general, because the world is such a beautiful and exciting place. On Saturday, mum and dad took me to our new house being built on the next mountain. The mountain is called Cougar Mountain and I've heard that there are real cougars out there in the trails. Mum says we have to hike the trails regularly and I sure hope we don't bump into any cougars. The house is coming along nicely now, and wonder when we'll get to move in.


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