Friday, February 10, 2006

Puppy Play Time 9th Feb 06

Yesterday evening, mum took me to the regular puppy play session on Thursdays. This time someone special came too. My sister Stella. Yup, my sister moved to Washington state as well, and she lives quite near to me. The mums decided it would be fun for us to meet, and so we did.
Stella is just slightly smaller than me, but she is one brave chick. She wasn't like me in puppy play time when I first started. I used to be quite shy and I preferred watching the other puppies play. I like to hide under the chairs to watch them. Stella was different, she didn't back down, and her tail was often up, saying "I'm not scared of you". You see, she even wanted to snatch my toy. Everyone said I've improved a lot, no more shyness, and now I'm playful and outgoing.

We all had a fun time playing, I like ZuZu, she loves to play wrestle with me and tumble and play chase. She is a Britanny.


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