Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Practicing My Drills

My Portrait at 3 months of age

Today is the 4th and last day training for my weekly puppy kindergarten classes. So far, I've learnt
  • Walking loosely on a leash, following the leader (Dad or Mum)
  • Watch (look at mum or dad straight in the eyes for 1-3 secs)
  • Free (I can do whatever I want now)
  • Come (go in the direction of where mum or dad is)
  • Sit (plonk my stinky butt on the floor)
  • Down (plonk all my 4 limbs on the floor, elbows touching the floor)
  • Climb (climb up to the raised level whatever it is - I hate the climb most of all)
  • Stand (stand up and stand still)
  • Go Sleep (go into my crate and chill)

At home, mum has been adding a few more commands for me to learn,

  • Hey (cut it out now)
  • Wait (don't do anything yet)
  • Off (don't put my dirty paws on anything, such as the coffee table, or human body parts)
  • Stay (don't move)

After 4 weeks being with my mum and dad, and being only 3 months old, I think I have achieved quite a lot. I'm not the best yet, and I've still got heaps to learn, but one step at a time. Mum thinks I still need to practice to build up my "reliability".

Here is a pic of me practicing my drills (look at my sad face)

After training, I take a nap at my favorite place in the house - at the front door. A puppy can never have too much sleep. I found out that mum has been increasing the number of times we've been training everyday, and also increasing the duration of our training sessions. I try to sleep as much as I can so that I don't have to do the much dreaded climb. At my training sessions, my trainer Michael tells me to do the climb, I hate it so much, I scream and I cry, but no one saves me, I still have to do it.

I overheard them say that this Saturday, I begin real obedience classes with other dogs of all ages and sizes. I'm EXCITED! There are 6 levels and I've been so good, I can jump straight to level 3. I wonder what they'll be teaching me....


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