Friday, February 17, 2006

Thursday Night Skiing in Snoqualmie

Daddy and his friends decided to go night skiing at Snoqualmie. And Mum decided to tag along, bringing me with, so that I can experience more snow and chill out at the resort. Mum said it'll be the first time I see humans on skis and on snowboards and these strange things called helmets and poles, so it might be interesting for me.

Here, I've arrived at the parking lot and I met a new friend, a border collie. I didn't catch her name and we didn't get to hang out because she was leaving and we were just arriving. I realize there is so much more snow up here on the mountains than at our house. And it is freezing cold up here too.
Snoqualmie is only 30 mins east from our house, and daddy and mummy used to ski here quite regularly, and Juan too. Now that our family has me, mummy has to sacrifice some of her activity time because she needs to take care of me because I'm still a baby. I get to tag along so at least she's not left alone at home. See, how lucky she is to have me.
While I was at Snoqualmie, I found out that snow is a great thing to dig. Look at these wonderful photos of me having a great time.

Mummy totally set me free offleash and since there was hardly anyone around in our corner, I had a blast of a time in the evening when the sun was about to set.

It was really great fun, because there was so much space and mum just let me keep digging. Digging is really something that comes naturally to me.
After all that evening digging, the sun started to set. The shadows cast by the dusk golden skies and the looming mountains made me feel awe stricken and humbled. How vast and mighty the universe is, I started to ponder and contemplate the meaning of life. I sit and I wonder...
And after the moments of wondering, its back to playing in the snow again. Yipeee..


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