Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Snowy Valentines Day

Today is Valentines Day. Last night, something magical happened, all this white fluffy stuff started to fall from heaven. Daddy took me out to pee, and I was so groggy and half-asleep as I stepped out onto the yard. It was all white, and I must have been dreaming, because just that morning, the grass was all green. Everything turned to white, so that's when Daddy said, its snowing. How exciting!
What's this white stuff called snow?
This morning, mum took me out to walk and explore in the snow. This isn't an opportunity to be missed, and Kimi shouldn't just stay indoors when there's fun to explore outdoors, she says. Its really amazing, how everything just turns white overnight. The whole world is a beautiful place and full of awesome wonder, because every day I wake up to something new and different and fun too. I wake up to mummy and daddy's scent as either one of them carries me to the yard to answer nature's call.
Its a beautiful world.
Of course, I don't waste the opportunity to do some digging in this good snowy weather. Snow and mud, what a great combination.

Look at my muddy face, I really really enjoy digging nice holes, looking for nothing.

Pawprints in the mud

After digging, I looked at mum and asked her if she's satisfied with what I've done. She gives me a 'look', but what does it mean?

Let's go look for more digging spots


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