Friday, February 17, 2006

Thursday - Baby Back Ribs

Thursday, Feb 16th 2006 is the first time I get a taste of baby back ribs. I've heard other dogs go gaga over this meal, so when it was my turn, I got really really excited. Mum told me I was going to get ribs for breakfast, and I was so happy, I jumped up and down to show her how excited I was.

When she gave it to me after the usual "sit" "down" commands, I went at it with gusto, but after 30 mins of licking and pulling, I found that ribs were a difficult meal to eat. Its so much hard work. It takes so much time to pull the meat off the bones and I wonder if the effort is really worth it. Then I realize that yah, the food tastes good, but its too much work for so little meat. I got quite fed up actually and left the food unfinished.

In the afternoon, mum gave me the remaining pieces of raw meaty bones that I couldn't finish in the morning. The sun was shining so we had our lunch out in the back yard. I did something quite amazing. I took one of the ribs, found a nice cool spot and started digging a hole. Mum just stook there, watching with amazement and a smile on her face. Nobody taught me this trick, and she and dad later discussed that there were probably some things that are prewired into my brain genetically, such as burying bones. They thought it was a big deal to be proud of. I used my front paws to dig a nice shallow hole, and then I placed my rib bone into it, then I used my muzzle to cover the soil over. I inspected my work and I was darn proud of myself. I then proceeded to look over some rocks to see if I could use some of it to camouflage my digging, but I think mum caught me. She said she didn't want anyone redecorating the backyard.

It was a lovely day, but extremely cold. The news forecast says that there's a Winter Blast coming our way these couple of days. So I'm taking this opportunity to sit in the sun and enjoy its rays. Its also my trick to distract mum and hope that she forgets about my buried bone. I'm smiling for the camera so she won't remember the bone.

Later that evening, I went back to my buried treasure, but alas, it was gone! Who took it? Who snuck it away while I wasn't watching? I must catch the horrid thief, it must be one of those crows from my neighbourhood. They are always watching me from my neighbour's rooftops. I hear them, I see them. It must be them!! Those numbskulls. Don't let me catch them one of these day.


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