Monday, February 20, 2006

My First Crush

This past weekend was very new and exciting for me. I visited 2 stores, I went to Home Depot and GI Joes. Dad needed tools and off we went, all 3 of us to the stores. We went to Home Depot first, and the store lady was so nice to let me in with mum on a leash. So round and round we went looking for the tools dad needed to refine his arcade cabinet. But alas, they did not have what dad was looking for. So we drove to GI Joes, and then finally dad found what he needed. It was nice going into the stores, but the strange thing was not everyone oohed and ahhed over me like how I'm normally used to getting attention.
The other people just walked straight by me, some didn't even see me. I'm normally kissing and wagging my tail at everyone, but this time, my charm didn't really work. What happened? What can be so important that these people don't realize that an extraordinary airedale is in their midst? I tried to wag my tail harder, and smile a bit more, but it still didn't work, these people looked like they were so pre-occupied. Out of the 50 or more people I met at the stores, I think only 2 said hi to me. I was quite shocked at this poor response.
Later that day, Dad and Mum brought me to Seattle Dogs Puppy Play session. There were 2 other small puppies, and 3 big puppies. The nice lady seperated us and I got into the smaller group. What a bummer!! But I think it isn't so bad, because I fell in love for the first time. Yup, I got a crush on the most beautiful female French Bulldog I've ever seen. Her name is Piggy.
She is tiny, but I just really like her. She looks so special with her huge standing ears and we got along so well. I kept following her around, trying to touch her with my paws and doing the playbow to get her to play with me. When she barked at me, I twirled around in 360 degrees and jumped for joy. I don't think I've ever felt this way with a french bulldog before.
Me and Piggy meeting for the first time. She had me at hello.

Me and my gal pal hanging around

Playing Bitey Face and Chase

Me and my gal pal getting to know each other a little better

The 3 amigoes - Birdie the Japanese Chin, Piggy the French Bulldog, Kimi the Airedale


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