Monday, February 27, 2006

Saturday Party @ Lydia's

Yes, we'd been invited to a wild party to be held at Auntie Lydia's home in Seattle. Mum had been looking forward to it for weeks, and she'd baked 2 cakes for the event. I hear her say those cakes were for the humans, but Aunt Lydia had made sure she bakes munchies for us doggies too. Oh wow, I'll normally do anything for treats.

Check out the pictures to see what we've been up to. I'm in the yellow bandana.

This is my sister Stella, we were littermates. She's in a red bandana. I asked her, "if I playbite you, will you playbite me back too? It'll be fun". Stella certainly did not hold back. Look at her smile as I'm biting her shoulder.

She's having as much fun as me. I played mostly with Stella, and not with the other adults, because they were much bigger than us. With Stella, I played bitey face and chase almost the entire afternoon. We tired each other out and it was fun.

This is Ruffian and me. Ruffian is my half brother, we share the same mother, Twinkie. Ruffian is a big handsome boy, and his human mum plans to show him in the ring. My mum says I won't be shown in the ring like Ruffian, but we'll do obedience and agility. I hope its more fun.

This is a picture of me as I was waiting for mum to go home. I was so tired but I sure had fun. I hope mum brings me to more airedale parties. We need more of them up here in the Northwest.


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