Thursday, February 23, 2006

My First Rabbit Carcass

This morning, mum and dad surprised me with my very first rabbit carcass. I've never eaten rabbit before in my whole life, in fact, I've never ever seen a live or dead rabbit before in my 3 months of life. So here, lying before me was this skinless thing mum called a rabbit. To me, it looked like a chicken and a frog combined mutant. Not like I've seen a frog before either, but I guess that's what a chicken-frog mutant would look like.

At first, I just licked and licked at it, I didn't really know how to approach this new food. Then I started biting it here and there, and crunched the bones at the back of my mouth on the molars. I used my front teeth to pull and shear the meat, but it is really tough. After half an hour of trying, I just got tired and gave up. Mum and dad didn't help me by cutting up the meat into smaller pieces because they said it was time for me to learn how to eat like a real big boy. The meat and tendons and stuff was supposed to clean and floss my teeth. I'm supposed to get good gum exercise too. So I couldn't manage eating the rabbit by myself. After almost an hour, mum took my barely eaten carcass away and said we'll try again at lunch. Booger..


At 4:15 PM, Blogger Tom Lonsdale said...

Super blog. Should be more like it.

Congratulations to you all for leading the way.

Tom Lonsdale


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