Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Sunday

Today, Daddy decided that it could be fun to experiment how it would be for me to tag along when he goes mountain biking on the trails behind our neighbourhood. We've got forest trails all around. He took his bike out and it was the first time I saw his mountain bike up close. I have to say its quite a cool bike. I wasn't scared of it, I just sniffed it and then followed Daddy while I was on leash in the beginning while we were still in our neighbourhood. Then later on, he let me go offleash and weeeeee, off we went. Daddy rode ahead while I followed behind.
I hardly saw anyone else on the trails. These trails are quite remote, and we only saw 1 other lone rider, and a couple with a beagle. We sniffed each other's butts to exchange greetings and then went on our ways. When we were tired, Daddy led the way home, and I was so muddy, he had no choice but to wash me clean. Poor me.
Mum was out shopping, and I wasn't used to having Dad bathe me. It was his first time, and I can't say he did a very good job. When mum checked me later, she found some dried mud on my underbelly.
Later that evening, we settled down to watch the Oscars. Mum indulged in a tub of ice cream, and guess what she gave me? A stem of brocoli. Can you believe that? The worst part of it was I actually chewed on it. Blah!!


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