Monday, February 27, 2006

Just Another deMonic Monday

Today I decided to be a very naughty boy. You see, mum hasn't been feeling too strong since we had our 8 mile hike yesterday, she stayed in bed longer and fed me my breakfast late. I was getting really impatient. Then when I woke up from my late morning nap, I found mum ironing clothes. I yelled and shouted, "Where's my lunch mum?" I was being a real terror, no less.

My parents thought that after such a long hike, I would tire out and be a good boy the next few days, but they forget that I can recharge my batteries overnight. I wasn't planning on laying around all day today, there were things to taste and bite, sensations to feel. So mum is sick, she'll get better as the day goes along I'm sure.
By the afternoon, she still hadn't drilled me for my daily obedience practices. I thought mum was getting lazy so I had to devise ways to get her to train me. I put my paws into my water bowl and dragged the bowl all around the kitchen and down the hallway. I made sure water spilled out everywhere and let mum hear all the racket I was making. Maybe she'll be happy that I'm helping her mop the kitchen.
Look at my little demonic face with glee written all over it when I make a mess in the hallway.
Then when she came near me, she grabbed the rag cloth from me, but I refused to let go. Then I started biting her pants and that got mum really upset. She put me on a "climb" at my regular platform and I got my dose of obedience training. That's a great way to get mum to train me. I'll have to devise other ways to do more training with her.


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