Thursday, March 16, 2006

Everyday Life at Home

The living room is sometimes converted into my playground. I scatter all my toys around and mum sets up my tunnel where I play 'Dragon and the Cave'. I take my toys in and hide it in there, like hiding special treasures. Then I shake them really hard, and I add in some growls too, because a dragon has to kill its prey. I run in one end, and then run out the other end. It is so much fun. Sometimes, mum sneaks in and steals my toys and hides them, and I must go look for them, when she says "Where's the doggie toy?" That's when I have to look for my blue doggie soft toy. I know she's being so naughty stealing the dragon's food.

After a while of playing, mum says its time to go out to pee. I walk to the door and then I pee outside. I haven't made a mistake in the house for many days now, I think mum's really happy. Then I wait for her to open the door and say "ok, come in". I can't come in until she says so. Then we play some more.

But what good is a cave tunnel when I can't be a REAL dragon? I was being so funny today. Guess what? I stole a bag of treats. Yup, mum keeps a secret stash of fantastic treats in a ziplock bag in her carrying bag. I found the bag on the floor today, so I dug my head in, and searched around for it. Woaw, I found the bag, carried it and ran down the flight of steps with mum chasing behind me shouting, "Kimi, oh my goodness!". Of course I didn't stop, I could see her coming up close from the corner of my eyes. I quickly dashed and ducked into the tunnel. I sat around nicely, with my stolen treasure, and gave mum a wink. She didn't scold me, so I just feasted on my treats. Yummy.

These are my portraits

Everyday, I go out with mum on her numerous errands, shopping, visiting Daddy in his office with lunch, going to training, the post office, yada yada yada. I normally chill out at the back of her jeep in my bagel bed. (Yup, mum had the genuis idea to move my bagel bed into the jeep) I have loads of toys back there. I love it. I ride very well in the jeep or in Daddy's Touareg. No car sickness, no misbehaving, no pee or poop accidents, nada. I'm the perfect dog in a car.


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