Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sunday at Marymoor and Juan's

Last Sunday 11th Mar 06, I turned 15 weeks old. Mum and Dad decided I was big enough to visit the Famous Dog Park on the Eastside (15 mins of Seattle), Marymoor offleash dog park. It has 40 acres of dog haven. Wow, I saw so many dogs there, it was quite impressive. Every dog was running off leash (ok, almost all), and their owners were closeby, and I got sniffed by many dogs, and I tried sniffing them to say hi too.
I wasn't scared of anyone, even the big dogs, but I was a bit overwhelmed at times, and Mum would say, "Ok, let's go, let's move on". You've got to remember that I see big dogs at my training school all the time, so seeing big dogs don't bother me one bit. I even found a tennis ball and carried it around in my mouth, hoping someone would chase me.
From meeting other dogs, starting at a young age, I learn doggie manners. Mum says its very important for me to learn good doggie manners and be a good Airedale that everyone will be proud of.
There was even a river that cut across the park and I saw dogs jumping in and swimming to retrieve things their owners threw for them to fetch. Such fun. Wow.
After that, we went to Starbucks and while I was on a "Climb" command on the chair, I met more dogs. Juan's watching over me. Then we all went to Juan's home to chill out. Dad and Juan were playing records on this thing they call a turntable, I couldn't be bothered, I just wanted to sleep after all that playing in the park.
Chilling out at Juan's cool bachelor pad

Goodnight, I'm off to dreamland


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