Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Hurt My Nose

The weather turned freakily cold today, with snow coming down in flurries at our house. It is still snowing right now and its 8pm, and I bet mum felt really guilty for grooming me yesterday when the sun was shining. Off went my fur and I started shivering the whole day. I had the shakes and so mum rushed us off to Petsmart to buy me a jersey to keep my body warm. I'm starting to lose my teeth and I haven't been feeling extremely strong so mum just wanted to keep me happy and cosy. I've got the best mum ever.

Do you like me in my blue jersey? Its fabulous.

After training today, mum let me go offleash to play a little bit with Vit and Vit is a big dog (Australian Cattle Dog I think). We roughed and tumbled and I got scratched on my nose somehow. It hurt so much so I yelped and I bled a little. No one made a fuss, though I wish mum did, and I had to stay on a "Down" next to Vit so I don't get scared of him in future. But I was fine, later on I still went on to play with other puppies my size at a puppy party, so I'm not bothered, but don't you think I look like I need some hugs?

Note the dried up blood and open scratch. Poor me.

Today, I lost my first tooth, one of my front teeth fell out.


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