Thursday, March 09, 2006

Training at my School

Mum took me in for extra drills today at my training school in Cascade K9. My trainers are excellent people, they understand dogs and know how to make us be good. Mum feels that the training provided at Cascade K9 is above and beyond what is expected. A lot of explanations, reasoning and logic are provided to the humans, to help them understand how we dogs think and be. They allow mum and I to drop by anytime to use the facilities (at no extra charge), and hang out with them, and there aren't hard and fast rules to make us feel unwelcomed.
This is me on the "Climb" platform. See my other doggie friends on their "Climb" platforms too?
Michael, his wife Pascale and Lisa are really sweet and nice people too. The lessons I've learnt at Cascade K9 will stay with me for life, because I've been attending class weekly since I was 9 weeks old, and recently, because I've been naughtier, mum has been bringing me in a bit more frequently during weekdays, in addition to drills training at home. And the best part is my trainers don't mind us crashing in. In fact, Lisa and Michael have been so nice to help me with my "Climb" command. Everyone thinks I can't do it nicely now because my body is not as coordinated as I wish it to be. I can't seem to jump up yet, I crawl up.
I am quite good with walking on leash, "Sit", "Down", "Watch", "Stand"and "Wait", but I'm not good with coordinating how to jump up. This is called the "Climb". I have to jump up onto a raised area, be it a chair, a bench, a table, anything. And the special thing about the "Climb" is I'm trained not to get down unless given by the special release command "Free" given by the person who put me on the "Climb". Mum thinks its one of the most useful commands ever. When I am on the "Climb", as long as I stay up there, I can do whatever I like, that includes sleeping.


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