Friday, March 17, 2006

The Mystery of the Missing Baguette

Today, mum took me on a shopping errand. Her first stop was Costco, and she bought a heap of items, which included a roasted chicken and a bag of baguettes. The smell of freshly roasted chicken was intoxicating and I snooped around hoping to find it. But mum was smart, she kept it right at the bottom so I couldn't reach it. She said, "hey stop it" and I listened. When she was driving to the next location, I pretended to be uninterested. But then she let me wait in the jeep while she quickly rushed to buy some wrapping materials. Ha Ha... the devil then told me, "hey if you can't reach the chicken, how about a baguette?"
When mum got back to the car, she found the baguette bag torn open, and a half eaten baguette laying at my feet. #(%**$%&$* she said. Oh but it wasn't my fault I protested! It wasn't me.
Then mum took the bag of baguettes away and drove back home. She let me eat the remainder of the baguette and ooh, its delicious. Fortunately, she didn't scold me or do anything. Good Mummy.


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