Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Move

Its been about 2 weeks since Mum last updated my blog, but I don't blame her, we've been extremely busy and stressed out because of the move from the old rental place to the new home. Our NEW home! Argh, I wasn't so stressed out because I've already spent like, what? 6 days in the house when they were painting it. No big deal. My scent was already in the backyard.
Since then, we've been packing, unpacking, throwing out junk, organizing the existing stuff into places, and of course, toilet training me again. Oh and Mum also had to wash and prepare the old rental house to be handed back to the landlord. Its been a tough week for Mum. But both Mum and Dad have been trying hard to keep my routine as regular as possible. Its been some weeks now that Mum has been adjusting and flexing my feeding times so that I eat whenever she feeds me. So I don't make a fuss when its 8am or 2pm or whatever. I just eat whenever she says so. This has helped us a lot because the schedule is a crazy hectic one, and standard mealtimes for anybody is impossible. Here are some pics over these last 2 weeks.
Helping Dad wash his bike after our BikeRun
Having a sip of drink from the hose
Mum, I'm not too sure about this green ball!
I'd better bite it before it runs away.. hey this is fun!

Me and my sis, Stella playing in Auntie Lydia's yard

Alice looks on, as the pups run and run and run...

Alice watches on to make sure the pups don't do anything naughty

Helping Mum unpack her study


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