Monday, April 10, 2006

At the Bark Park

Life in the Northwest teaches me to seize the day whenever the sunshine is switched on. Mum takes me to the BarkPark as often as she can, when the sun is shining. Hence you can understand why I love the sun so much. Even with some grey skies above, as long as the sun shines, we try to go there every few days. The Bark Park is a fenced-in 4 acre community park. I get to run and chase balls, and meet all kinds of people and my own kind, the dogs.
Here are some glimpses of a typical afternoon spent with my own kind at the BarkPark.

Demon Dale in motion

Yippeeee, hey wait for me!!

Let's play 'follow the leader'

Look what I've found!

Hey Mum, look at me with my ball!

After playing with my friends, Mum decided it was time for a photoshoot. She put me on a "Climb" command on a big rock and then got trigger happy.

Hope you like my pictures


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