Sunday, May 07, 2006

My 1st Attempt at Swimming

Mum has been neglecting my blog for the last 2 weeks. She's been taking heaps of pictures, but never seem to make the time to edit and resize the photos to make them download friendly, so finally, today on a misty rainy Seattle Sunday morning, she decides to wake up early to remedy the situation.
So here goes....
I had my first attempt at swimming 2 weeks ago at Rattlesnake Lake. This area is one of my favorite jaunts. After our 4 mile hike to the ledge, we went to the lake, but little did mum know, I would try my paw at swimming for the first time ever. I saw a white dog retrieving a stick thrown by its owner, so I decided this could be fun for a dale like me. Check out my fun day at the lake.
I saw this white dog fetching a stick thrown into the water, so I decided to join in (uninvited).

Hey Mum, look at me in the water. This is refreshing.

Running on the shores of the lake

Taking a moment's pause, to appreciate nature and to live in the moment

Totally drenched after immersing myself in the lake

Chilling out in the water

Running toward my new friend with his stick

Hey! Can I play with you?


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