Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Schnoozing Doozing

How many ways are there for a feisty happy Airedale boy like me to sleep in the media room? Let me show you how I nap and schnooze in my chill room...

Zzzzz.......... exposed

Zzzzzz.... On the sofa...

Zzzzzz....Leaning on the sofa

Zzzzz..... stretched out

The above sleeping methods are best achieved after a long hike on a mountain, like a 2 mile up and 2 mile down hike to Rattlesnake Ledge. Mum and I reached the ledge in 70mins, and came down in 45mins. It is quite a feat, considering Mum's terrible stamina and this being only my 2nd hike to Rattlesnake ledge. I met many dogs along the way, but I was such a good boy with good manners. I sniffed their tooshies and said hi, and they did the same.

This is me chilling out on my rug in the lounge. Mum calls it the Cleopatra pose.
Mum sets up my tunnel for me to play
Mum, did you throw my toy in there again??

Let me say that the tunnel is virtually indestructible, there are many ways to play with it, including biting it and trampling on it. It just bounces back! Incredible.

Mum, can I help Dad unpack his stuff?


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