Sunday, May 07, 2006

Breakfast @ Kimi's

Yesterday, Mum hosted a special breakfast get together for Aunty Lydia, Airedale Alice, Stacey and my sister Airedale Stella. We had ordered items from Ruffwear and Aunty Lydia brought the things to hand them to us. Also, they wanted to come and watch me in my weekly training, so Mum thought this would be a great chance to let us spend the morning together over breakfast.
While the humans ate a feast of muffins, bagels, croissants, fruits, bacon and eggs, Stella and I played 'bitey face' and 'catch me if you can'. We played in the lounge, we played in the backyard and we were nonstop. Alice was being very nice and stayed on her "Drop" command and didn't move. We tried to get her to play with us too, but she just wanted to be a good dale. So we left her alone and went on and played. Stella even tried going into the tunnel that Mum set up for us. We had lots of treats, hugs, affection and playtime. It was really fun having my mates come over.

3 of us doggies playing in the lounge with the tunnel

I'm trying to persuade Stella to come through the tunnel

Treats... Yippeee!

Sit! Stay!

Sharing some loving with Aunty Lydia


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