Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hiking on the Sammammish Plateau

Mum mentioned to me that she needs to take some really nice photos of me, because she wants to enter me in an Airedale Photo Contest hosted by the ATCA (Airedale Terrier Club of America), and hope that I can be one of the top 16 photos chosen, so I get to be in next year's Airedale calendar. Would that be cool or what?
I don't look that bad, and Mum isn't a professional at photography, but I think I make her photos look goooooooood.... so we headed out to the woods on the Sammammish Plateau, and there we hiked and explored the woods. Every now and then, Mum would stop and go trigger happy, but I was so happy and relaxed, cos I was smelling and sniffing here and there, looking out for critters, listening for insect sounds, tasting barks, shrubs, twigs and mud. It was a really nice day out. I enjoy exploring with mum. We take our time, and live in the moment because nature is so beautiful. I've said this before, and I'll say it again,
We live in a Beautiful World.

Starting on our trail. I hike mostly offleash on deserted and quiet trails

Its all about the smells, sights and sounds. A balanced Airedale like me needs physical, mental and sensory stimulus to be happy and content.

Sniffing the trail

Portrait of a Sniffer

Its also all about finding new natural chews to satisfy my need for gum massage and chewing

Side Profile

Finding more sticks to chew

Mum, can we do this again tomorrow?

Getting my paws dirty in the mud

Pooped out after the morning hike. Where is the best place to crash? Mum's sleeper couch.


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