Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ballooning Around

Balloons can be quite cool, I had a great opportunity to play with them after Mum took them down from the backyard. She had them in the Airedale colors, tan and black. At first, I didn't really know what to make of them, they smelled funny, and were just floating around my house.

Errrmmmmm...... a little unsure about what to do

Ummm... Mum, this black thing is floating in mid air

Mum started playing with it, pulling the string all around, and she was having fun, no way am I going to be left out of fun stuff. So I started playing too. Hey, its kinda cool.

Hey this IS fun!!! I love dragging the string around the house, cos the balloons follow. Sweet!

Then after running around the house with the balloons, I started jumping up and biting them. It looked like a ballet, and I was leaping around in a gymnastic rythm. Mum wishes she has a video camera to capture it all.

Then one by one, the balloons started to vanish into thin air, "POP" a loud bang could be heard whenever I bit into one of them. All gone... I wasn't scared of the loud banging noise, I just looked around for my balloons, and one after another, they disappeared. After that, Mum just took all the limp rubbers away so I wouldn't choke on them. That was real fun.

It was fun while it lasted!


At 6:43 AM, Blogger kelly said...

kimi...are you a purdue fan.
hail hail black and gold!

your friend in indiana...kelly


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