Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Party Time!!

On Saturday, Mum and Dad hosted a very casual dinner for our close friends. They had bbq, steak, bread and salad, and I had the usual, raw chicken. My favorite vegan Juan was with us, and we had a ball of a time. He fed me lots of potatoe chips which I love, and everytime he said 'treat', I would rush to him and plonk my butt onto the ground. He'd give them to me every time.

Juan and me. He embraces me with love. Been doing that since I was 8 weeks old.

Me and Mum chilling out at home while the men bbq


At 2:49 PM, Blogger Monica Paulina said...

can you tell me (or us all out here in web-land) what you feed your dog? we are getting an airedale pup this weekend and im interested in the raw food diet. thanks!


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