Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hiking in the Northwest

Seattle is known as the Emerald City. We have trees that stay green all year round - it is beautiful up here, trees everywhere, mountains and hills, valleys, lakes and streams. I love living in the Northwest. While Stella was with us on the 2nd day, Mum took us hiking on our regular 4 mile route, Rattlesnake Ledge. Mum let us both explore the trails off leash, so that we can walk at our own pace and smell the trees, plants, shrubs and be part of nature. We always kept her in sight or hearing distance, and we never ventured far without Mum. Stella behaved well too, this was probably the first hike of her life.
Siblings off leash on the Rattlesnake Ledge Trail
Locating the sound of a woodpecker
Stella, having a ball of a time, exploring in the woods
Looking out for us on the trail
Finally we reached the sumit after 1hr10min. Mum said it was a well paced hike, and we took a half hour break to admire the scenery of the Cascades. It was beautiful, but rocky at the top. There were a few other people there too, and another black dog. We were on leash then, because mum didn't want us falling over the edge. That would be disastrous. And since this was Stella's first hike, we weren't planning to risk any monkey business. Nonetheless, Stella did very well, she wasn't afraid or skittish, she was adventurous enough to sniff around on her own.

Feeling adventurous and moving around the summit on her own (looseleash)

The view is really beautiful up here. We wish there was more sun though...

Stella gazing out to the horizon and watching a stranger with her dog

The look of bliss and contentment

After that, we played frisbee by the lake, Stella and I played non stop, we weren't that tired from the 4 mile hike, and we played "Bitey face", "Catch", "Follow the Leader" and did some more exploring around the lake. It was such a wonderful day out in nature.

Running offleash by the lake

Exploring the lake and surroundings


Bitey Face Game


Frisbee anyone?

Then when it was time to go home, Mum put us both at the back of the jeep, and suddenly, we both felt extremely tired. Mum calls this earning credit points. The more excercise I get, the more credit points she gets... because then I am calmer and more well behaved, and she in turn gets to do whatever she likes at home (such as update my blog). If I don't get enough exercise, or I get enough rest and recover, I get very fidgety and destructive at home, mum calls this running out of credit points, and she'll have to find activities for me to keep my body and mind occupied again. Therefore, to gain more credit points for herself and Dad.

Pooped out in the jeep

Stella's mum (Stacey) reports that Stella, upon returning home has been resting and recuperating from the muscle sores and aches after our "strenuous" hike and playtime over the day she was with us. She has been so good and subdued. Mum calls this behavior being "in the zone". This was coined by Cesar Millan, whom Mum is a fan of. As for me, I rested 2 days, and behaved well during these days. On the 3rd day, Mum's credit points ran out, and I decided to dig into her handbag, chew and eat up her sunglasses and mechanical pencil . She then proceeded to take me hiking again, this time in the forest trails behind our house for 3 miles.


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