Saturday, May 13, 2006

Stella's Stayover

My sister Stella came to stay with us on Wednesday while her parents were out of state. It was my very first sleepover with another one of my kind in my house. When Stella arrived, the first thing my mum did was to take us for a walk around the neighbourhood. Mum says it helps bonding between our species. So ok, we went walking. Then we got into the jeep, and Mum said Dad wanted Roast Duck for dinner, and off we headed to Chinatown to get Roast Duck. People stopped to say how cool it was to see two airedales in a jeep. Mum was quite proud of us, because we behaved so well in the jeep while we waited for her to come out of the shop.

Then, off we went to the Bark Park. Stella had a run of the place, and she met quite a few new friends too. We ran and ran, wrestled and tumbled like there was no tomorrow. Here are our pictures.


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