Friday, May 19, 2006

A New Fear of Plastic

Something happened to me the other day. Mum bought new phones for the house, and I was sitting right next to her, curious as usual, about what's happening. I poked my nose right where the action is, and then "Bam". She dropped these large transparent things called plastic, and they were quite stiff, so they made this loud noise when they fell onto the hardwood floors. I got a shock of my life, and scooted out of the study with my tail between my legs. "What was that?" Then mum laughed at me, and put the scary plastic in the centre of the room for me to figure out what was making the noise.
How can something that looks so plain and simple make such loud scary noises?
I take a closer look and a closer sniff. But Mum won't give up, she rattles the plastic right in front of my nose, as if to tease me to come nearer, she kept saying "this is a toy, my sayang boy", as if there was nothing to afraid of. She was almost nonchalent, how could she be so nonchalent about the scary noisy plastic?

After that, mum put the boxes in my living room, and ignored me, so that I could do my own exploring at my own pace and face my fears. As you can see, I am really trying to ignore the stuff, and make believe it isn't there. I don't want anything to do with plastic.
Mum, do I really need to face the plastic monster?

After a while, Mum quietly puts my favorite freesbie on the plastic, and then drops treats on the plastic too. I love treats so no way am I going to let some silly plastic get in my way of the delicious treats, so slowly, I crept up to the monster and stuck my nose around, stretching my tongue long so that I can reach the treats.

Before long, I was stepping all over the plastic casing and I was no longer afraid of the noise it made. I realized that every step I made, caused a sound, and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. It was similar to the time when I was scared and unsure about the balloons, Mum made it into a game, and then I started playing, and ended up destroying all the balloons. What's there to be scared of? I'm not a pussy cat.
Chilling out after playing with the noisy plastic monster.


At 5:08 AM, Blogger Liberty said...

You're scared of plastic?! It's ok, Kimi! I'm scared of beach balls!


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