Friday, May 19, 2006

My Eating Schedule

Mum is a very smart woman. She thought about it for a while, and decided to clear up any misunderstanding about how I eat Raw Meaty Bones. When she mentioned that I eat 70% meat, and 10% bones, etc, it doesn't apply for each meal, it is actually for the month, or in general.
Well you see, for Raw food, there is no need to worry about balancing all the ingredients in a meal. For eg, I eat only chicken for a whole week at every meal, and then switch to beef for another whole week or whatever is handy. Mum doesn't worry "oh, I must measure the amount to be 70% chicken, 10% organs, 10% carrots." No, she doesn't do that. She takes out the packet of chicken from the fridge, and then cuts it up into pieces, and the pieces go straight into my mouth for crunching.
I don't even wait for the packet of meat to get to room temperature. I just eat right out from the fridge, cold. The type of food I eat is not fixed, especially not per meal. For eg, next week, when mum cooks something and have spare carrots or brocoli, I get some, but nothing is ever pre-arranged. This is what she means by 70% this, 10% that... and so forth. The percentages are in terms of overall month percentage. Not per meal. If it was per meal, it would be too troublesome to feed me. I hardly ever eats veggies, in the wild, (coyotes don't eat corn or carrots) most of the time I am fed only raw meaty bones. When mum and dad eat fruits, they share some with me, but that's maybe once or twice per week.

Also, the best part about how I am fed is best suited for busy people like my parents. I am not fed at fixed times or fixed intervals. Ever since I was about 12 weeks old, I've been fed at irregular hours, and never the same amounts at each meal. For eg, today brunch is at 11am, dinner at 5pm, tomorrow lunch is at 2pm, and dinner at 8pm. It depends on what we're doing, and whether we are at home. Mum chooses to vary my feeding times so that I don't get the habit of expecting meals at a specific time. This is very useful because we're very busy and we do so many things and have so many plans.

Remember that mother nature is very forgiving. Think about it this way, even humans do not eat balanced meals at every meal. How many would count how much carbs or protein or veggies are included at every meal? the nutrients we take in is spread over the weeks and months, depending on what we eat, and our bodies adjust to that. So, now you know, I don't eat a "balanced" meal every day, I only get one type of meat per day and sometimes even per week, and I'm thriving.


At 2:56 PM, Blogger blueadt said...

We both eat raw too & love it!

Blue & Annie


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