Sunday, June 11, 2006

Attending Mum's Grooming Academy

This past week, Mum just started her professional grooming course. I follow her wherever she goes, so going to the grooming academy was a natural thing to do. Mum was never concerned that I might not get along with anyone, since I always get along with everyone. Even the nasty dogs and grumpy ones, I know how to avoid and dodge. So Mum was very happy to see me find two new best friends the first day we started.

Coco and me

All the trainers and students bring their dogs to the academy, so there are many doggie friends offleash to play with. I am not afraid of clipper noise or the forced air dryers, because Mum has been getting me accustomed to them since I was 8 weeks old (we have them at home). It is a breeze for me to hang out in the grooming salon. In fact, I look forward to going there every time because I get to play and hang out with my buddies. Meeting new customer doggies is a fun thing too. They don't get to play much, they most often look stressed and some are just downright scared of being bathed and groomed. I just leave them alone because they are stressed out. Some of the older dogs are grumpy, when I say hi, some of them growl at me, and so I just back off. I go look for Coco and we play some more.

Coco is a rottweiler/shepherd female mix, and Stewey is a male mutt. Coco is now my first official girlfriend. She is about my age, maybe a few months older, but she is as tough as I am. We play very well together and for 8 hours 3 times per week, we stick together like glue. We play wrestle, chase, face-biting and tug. When we rest, we try to lie down near to each other. I love her so much, I started humping her, but everyone thought it was a bit amusing. Mum told me, "Leave it", and I listened to her, but only sometimes. I just like Coco too much, she awakens something inside me, and makes me feel so aware. Coco's mum was wondering if it was time for her heat, and since I am not yet neutered, they have to be extra careful we don't do anything too naughty. I'm only 6 months and a half, can I be up to no good? Mum's going to check.


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