Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sophie Comes for a Visit

On Saturday morning, a new gal pal Sophie came to visit my home for the very first time. While her parents and my parents had an intimate casual breakfast, Sophie and I ripped around the backyard, tugged with toys, played face-wrestle and chase. She is the most beautiful Airedale girl I've ever seen. She is so sweet and pretty, I couldn't resist chewing her. But make no mistakes about it, Sophie is a tough cookie just like me. She BIT me back. Having her over was great fun, we didn't need introductions, the moment she stepped into my house, we were at it like old friends. Sophie is 4 months old, and she is fed raw just like me. Here are some pics of our playdate.

This lady on the left is Rae, she is Sophie's mum. Sophie knows how to "sit" and "down"

Happy together, like 2 sticks of a pair of chopsticks

Beautiful Sophie. She has expressive beautiful eyes, they come with eyeliner and mascara. What a girly girl.

Smelling Sophie's butt while she chews on my rawhide thing.

Double Dale Demons in action

I hope Sophie comes often to our Airedale playdates. She is a wonderful Airedale to play with.


At 9:18 AM, Blogger Alpha Mom said...

Hey Kimi:

I have had Terry's kids for years I currently own William (William the Weird) and Guido (No No Guido) and somehow I won my sisters little bitch Scarlett in her divorce... go figure! Glad to see you growing up and congratulations on that first kill.

Alpha Mom+9


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